One of the most important things a union can do for its members is to help ensure a secure, comfortable retirement — along with a comprehensive package of health benefits.

That is why the B.C. Provincial Council of Carpenters decided in 1965 to create the Carpentry Workers’ Benefit Plan (now the CMAW Benefit Plan), covering carpenters, joiners and millwrights. The pension plan was established in 1970. The Lathers came on board in 1972.

Today you can count on those plans to provide a comprehensive package of dental, optical and extended health benefits… plus a monthly pension when you retire.

Here is how the plans work:

  • For every hour you work, your employer contributes a negotiated amount to each of the plans.
  • The contributions are pooled and carefully invested to get a healthy return. The pool of money grows in value.
  • When members retire or make benefit claims, the pension and benefit plans draw on that pool of money.

Under the leadership of Fred Kuhn, chair, an elected Board of Trustees oversees this entire process: administering the plan, investing its assets and ensuring the plan’s finances are sound.

Assisting them is our highly skilled staff and a range of experienced professionals we hire from outside agencies.

Learn more about the Board of Trustees.