Extended Health Benefits

(These pages are being re-written and will be updated shortly. Until updated, the text may not be accurate)

Your Extended Health Care Plan extends the coverage you have through the Medical Services Plan of B.C. and B.C. Pharmacare Plan; it does not cover any benefits covered by those two plans.

As of July 1 2008, the Extended Health Care Plan is provided through Green Shield Canada. After a $25 annual deductible, the plan covers 80 per cent of prescription drugs, physiotherapy, chiropractor and other services not covered by MSP.

Introducing the new CMAW Benefit Plan Online Centre!

The CMAW Benefit Online Centre is up and running. Register today and you will be able to go online to view all of your Extended Health Care claims and coverage. The Online Centre provides you with access to basic services where can view your benefit eligibility and print a personalized claim form. To register, or if you have already registered, click here to access the Online Centre.

For full access to this CMAW Benefit Plan Online Centre, select “Request Access Code” on the lower right hand side of the page. To ensure confidentiality, a letter containing your confidential access code will be mailed to you. When you receive your access code, sign in to the Online Centre, enter your access code and click “Submit.” You will now have access to enhanced services and will be able to view your claims information, your benefit statements when you need to co-ordinate benefits, you can simulate a claim to instantly find out what portion of a claim will be covered and register for direct deposit of claim reimbursements.

Please note that your Extended Health Care claims history with Pacific Blue Cross was transferred to Green Shield, so if you previously had orthotics paid by Pacific Blue Cross, limitations apply. If you want to know if you are eligible for orthotics, and how to claim, you should contact Green Shield directly. Their telephone number is 1-888-711-1119.

For a copy of your Dental and Extended Health Care booklet, click here.