Travel Assistance and Bereavement Leave

(These pages are being re-written and will be updated shortly. Until updated, the text may not be accurate)

The CMAW Benefit Plan can help you through some of life’s biggest — and smallest — difficulties.

If there is a death in your immediate family…

…the Plan can offer you a paid leave of up to five days. You will receive 75 per cent of the Carpenters’ Industrial Rate of Pay. Your employer will have to certify that you were not paid for the days you are claiming.

Members of your immediate family include your spouse, son, daughter, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother, sister, grandmother and grandfather. You can download the Bereavement Leave claim form from the Benefit Forms page.

If you must travel to receive specialized medical services…

…the Plan will help you with your travel costs inside B.C. (and, for members in the Kootenays and Dawson Creek, for referrals to Calgary or Edmonton).

The benefit includes:

  • Transportation costs, calculated as the price of the most practical return fare, minus $25, reimbursed at 85 per cent.
  • A per diem allowance of $60 and up to $80 per day for hotel accommodation for a maximum of four days.

The program will reimburse up to four claims per family member, per disability.

Travel costs for an accompanying adult are covered if the person receiving treatment is an underage child, or if the accompanying trip is supported by the family doctor.

As part of your claim, your referring doctor must complete a Referring Physician’s Statement (available from the Plan Office). You can obtain the Travel Assistance claim form from the Benefit Forms page.