Long Term Disability

(These pages are being re-written and will be updated shortly. Until updated, the text may not be accurate)

The purpose of this benefit is to provide coverage should you become totally disabled as the result of an accidental injury or illness and are unable to work at any occupation for wage or profit.

Your taxable benefit, as of July 1 2012, is payable at a flat monthly rate of $1,750.

Long Term Disability benefits commence after you have completed the Short Term Disability benefit and will continue to age 65 provided that you continue to provide proof of total disability.

In no case will the Long Term Disability benefit be paid beyond:

  • The date of your 65th birthday, or
  • The date you are deemed to be no longer totally disabled, or
  • The date you retire, or
  • The date you engage in any work or occupation other than rehabilitative employment, or
  • The date you fail to furnish satisfactory evidence of total disability or refuse to submit to a medical examination by a physician chosen by the insurance company, or
  • The date you refuse to participate in any rehabilitation program approved by the insurance company.

Successive periods of disability arising from the same or related cause and separated by less than 6 months will be treated as one period of continuous total Disability.


Based on a determination made by the insurance company, a rehabilitation program may be provided to you. The insurance company has the sole right and discretion in determining whether such rehabilitation will be provided to you. If you do not participate in the program approved by the insurance company, your long Term Disability benefits will cease.

Third party liability

If you become totally disabled due to an injury or disease for which a third party is or may be legally liable (other than WCB or ICBC) benefits may be paid to you provided that you sign a reimbursement agreement with the insurance company. You must obtain the written consent of the insurance company before compromising or settling the action or cause of action with the third party. Failure to do so will disentitle you to any further benefits.

Please note that no benefits are payable if your accident or illness is the result of a work-related incident or the result of a motor vehicle accident.

Further exclusions apply. For more information, please contact the Plan office.