(These pages are being re-written and will be updated shortly. Until updated, the text may not be accurate)

You can join the Plan…

…if you meet two conditions:

  • you have to be a member of a participating local union, and
  • you have to be covered under the terms of a collective agreement that requires contributions to be made to the Plan by an employer.

You qualify for a Past Service Pension…

…if you meet three conditions:

  • you had at least 350 hours of employment reported to the Carpentry Workers’ Welfare Plan during 1969,
  • you were a member of a construction local union immediately prior to July 1st, 1970, and
  • you became a member of the Plan on or before March 31st, 1971.

You become eligible for a Future Service Pension…

…by having employer-paid contributions made on your behalf (as of July 1, 2011).